Today’s topic for Maths Week was Maths Art! We used shape, symmetry and tessellations to make some amazing art throughout the school!

Hornbeam Class

The Hornbeam Class were using shapes to create some fantastic Maths Art today!

Hazel Class

Hazel Class continued their amazing Maths Week 2022 with some symmetry art today!

Ash Class

Ash Class were hard at work today using shapes to make some amazing art!

Alder Class

Alder Class worked on tessellation art today and made some really unique pieces of art!

Holly Class

Holly Class were using their Maths Eyes in class today and made some gingerbread men using 2D shapes!

Beech Class

Beech Class continued their work on scratch today. They have started presenting their projects to the class and are showing off some amazing ICT skills.



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