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MangaHigh /


middle to senior classes

need i pads or chromebooks.

Online digital games , can win lots of prize money for time spent using it. Looks great.

need to have registered before the start of maths week.

Maths/Art Competition

Maths Eyes Poster & Mathe Eyes Geogebra Competitions: Can submit online to

or can summit to school competition! Roisin will come around to collect your entries by Thursday, 20/10/2016

use of integration with art is a nice suggestion. see Here  (symmetry etc.)

or see Belair books that Crona and Ildiko have-seriously good stuff there !!

Maths Question of the Week

Competition open to middle and senior classes. James will post the answer on the maths board (outside staff room.) Children to submit and display (please make it big/neat enough to see) there suggested questions to the board.

Maths Journals*

All classes completing Maths Journals

Maths Trails *

All classes completing Maths trails

Isaq9  Cubes

Available for senior kids to teach 2nd/3rd class how to use them.

Word problem of the week competition !

See Maths notice board outside staff room , can submit questions to the board directly. PLEASE USE! prize for best maths question.

Marbles in Jar

Whole school guess how many marbles in the jar.

closest guess wins extra play time for their class (junior and senior jars will be brought around by children from middle classes with Mike during Maths Week.)

Maths for Fun – Parents invited.

See boxes in resource room.

Up to teachers to arrange a morning/afternoon that parents come into play the games.  Teachers can send a note home or contact via blog etc. to communicate the date and time its on.

Junior Infants- are having it on in the morning time with games the kids are familiar with.

Please add to timetable when you are hosting your Maths with Parents sessions here .

Interactive Manual

great for tecckie teachers!-

Height Charts

  • Could take them out of Maths Box and use now if not already used. (more on twinkl if you prefer a new fresh one made!!)

Friday- Problem Solving for Fun Day or problem solving station during station Teaching if desired

  • Maths Week Friday: whole class/ station teaching focus on inquiry based approach to learning. Children on Fridays are engaged in “thinking hard” to solve numerical problems that are for them quite challenging. The children solve tasks that constitute genuine problems.

  • There are games that develop problem solving skills throughout the MSR Books. Eg “Frogs on lily pads” page 108 of purple book suitable for 1st class.

  • Also in the class problem solving skills boxes there are cards and resources that children can be introduced to during maths stations Monday to Friday, and play independently on Fridays, while teacher may choose to conduct a problem solving activity for a group at a time.  (example- teddy bear cards in all infant and 1st class boxes are very effective and hand on )

middle to senior classes- Playing Cards Games- Old maid etc. See the MSR red book for games- Lovely Lucy, kings etc that are great independent games.

LINKING SENIOR CLASSES WITH JUNIOR CLASSES e.g. 5th/ 6th with 3rd  2nd/   and 3rd/4th with 1st class
  • Senior classes  can link with junior classes  during problem solving. (play card games, complete jigsaws, play Hangman etc.

  • Isaac Nine cubes can be demonstrated by senior kids with middle classes (class teachers arrange)



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