Dear Parents/Guardians,

Since we don’t have the staggered finish times anymore traffic has become a huge issue again. We want to reassure everyone that this topic is on the PTA’s priority list and that a couple of options are being explored to improve things where possible:

    – Collaboration with Gaelscoil school   
– Extending parking capacity using the church car park
– Public transport, i.e additional bus stops near school
    – Improved signage to raise awareness

While we are making progress with the above items, we would appreciate if you could help by respecting the following:


 Please leave designated parking areas free


 Be mindful of others parents/kids


Keep pedestrians crossings clear for kids to use


 Preserve our kids’ lungs and the environment by switching off your engine


 Help School Staff to keep our kids safe by being respectful to one another


 Try to park efficiently to maximise parking spaces


Walk/cycle your kids to school when possible

The school has an amazing community and we know that we can count on each other’s cooperation and work together in a mindful and respectful way to reach the same aim for all, for ALL of our children to arrive at school safely and on time.



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