The Department of Education has advised that “Parent communications from the school should emphasise that there should be no congregation outside schools during this phase or at any stage”

Morning Assembly:

  1. Please arrive between 8.20am and 8.30am.
  2. Junior Infant – 2nd class parents please leave school grounds once your child is received/supervised by a staff member. 
  3. 3rd – 6th class pupils please walk / cycle/ scoot to school independently, where possible.
  4. If coming by car, use school grounds as drop off only. Allow your child to be supervised by staff enroute to their assembly area.
  5. Please do not wait by fence/gate. Staff will politely ask you to move on. 
  6. Please wear a mask 
  7. Please maintain 2m social distancing at all times

Collection Time

  1. Please arrive at your child’s staggered collection time. This will minimise number of adults on site at any time.
  2. Junior Infants – 2nd class parents, please go directly to your child’s collection point. Please maintain 2m social distancing from other parents and wear your mask. 
  3. Once you receive your child, please promptly leave the school grounds.
  4. 3rd – 6th class pupils should leave the school grounds independently, where possible.
  5. If you have an infant child and a child from 1st – 6th class, you are not permitted to wait on school grounds for the hour. Please return to your car / home. This will minimise congregation and help protect your family and our school community
  6. If parents/guardians congregate on school grounds, a staff member will politely ask them to  “move on”



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