Parenting Group starts Monday 10th @ PETNS:

A new Parenting Group is starting in PETNS on Monday 10th of August @ 9.15am.

Parents, guardians and friends are welcome to come along to a coffee morning on Monday 10/9/2012. Johanna will introduce the programme to the parents. It is hoped that the course will help you parent with greater confidence, less stress and with greater satisfaction.


The Parenting Group (Fingal Parenting Initiative) will make use of the well-established and evidence based, Parents Plus Programmes which have been tailored for delivery in clinical and community settings. The materials and delivery mechanisms draw on well-researched ideas about child development and parent-child communication, and provide families and childcare practitioners with opportunities to maximize children’s learning, language and social development, as well as reduce behaviour problems, while ensuring that children grow up happy and emotionally secure.

The Fingal Parenting Initiative aims to support all parents to develop positive relationships with their children. We don’t believe that children’s behaviour is an individual ‘family matter’; we believe that the opposite is true. We believe that ‘families matter’, not only to children and their parents, but to the pre-schools, primary and secondary schools and communities of which they are the cornerstone.



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