Check out Emil, Yanina’s and Sofia’s Tsoneva Bulgarian pastry ‘Banitsa’ Recipe! They served this delicious Bulgarian dish with a drink called ‘Airjan’ – yogurt mixed with water.


You will need:

16 sheets of Phyllo Dough (available to buy in specialised supermarkets)
680g  of Feta
3 Large eggs
1 tsp of Salt
255g of butter (melted)
240ml of  milk


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, ( glass pyrex pan works great for this recipe) brush melted butter all over the bottom and sides of  the baking pan.

2. Mix salt, cheese and milk and eggs in a bowl , combine and stir ingredients well.

3. Place 5 sheets of  phyllo dough down in a buttered pan and brush over with melted butter. You can also put down one sheet at a time and butter separately.

4. Pour enough of the mixture to cover phyllo sheets and top with 3 more sheets.

5. Continue to repeat the process: put down 3 sheets and make sure to brush them well with butter then layer with mixture until all of the mixture is done, then cover with at least 2 sheets. I prefer not to butter the top sheets as they tend to get very hard after the banitsa is finished baking.

6. Bake for 25-35 minutes or until golden, make sure mixture is cooked in the middle by cutting into banitsa. When the mixture is cooked it will not be runny.

7. Once banitsa is done cover it with either a towel or the lid to the pan and let it sit and cool before cutting it or serving. Covering it lets the steam soften the phyllo dough sheets.



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