Stories from 4th Class

Stories from 4th Class

4th Class have been hard at work recently and are working on not 1, but 2 websites! We finally have one ready to share with you and are excited to show off our work!

We have been working on the novel George’s Marvellous Medicine through Google Classroom and have done lots of great work based on the book. One piece of work that we did was to write stories about George’s horrible Grandma when she was younger! Maybe to see was she always horrible?

Then we designed front covers for our new stories!

Finally we recorded ourselves reading our stories! We thought it might be nice for others to listen to our stories while you are learning at home! Some are funny, some are full of action and some are just silly! We’ve got everything in there!

If you’d like to give feedback to any of the children you can email and he’ll pass the message on!

We’d love you to check out our site here!

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