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Dear parents & guardians,

What a fantastic first week after the mid term break we had in school. Wellbeing is an important topic and we’re grateful for the school staff that our children could participate in it and the kids had fun with valuable information.

As gentle reminder, our Bag2school collection is set for Thursday the 2nd of March. It’s a great opportunity to raise funds for the school and charity (Laura Lynn House). Collection time will be in the morning at 8.30.

Next week, again, we are looking ahead of an exciting week. The annual Book Week will take place with the Book Fair and shared reading events. The school is looking for parents to volunteer assisting with the sales of books from 1.10-1.40 and 2.10-2.40pm each day. On Thursday the children can dress up as their favourite book character – home made costumes are encouraged.

Please vote for your preference regarding parent’s classes:

The School calendar for next year has been shared via Aladdin and WhatsApp. Thank you for your votes. Please plan your holidays accordingly so your child won’t miss school.

We wish you a wonderful last weekend of February.




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