lateFrom Monday 16th September our “Late Book” will be starting in the office.

What is the Late Book? When children arrive to school after 8.40am, parents/guardians are required to sign the child into the school as classes have already commenced. The person in the office will then escort your child down to their classroom. Your child’s arrival time is recorded on our computer system to ensure your child’s attendance is marked in the roll book.

The Late Book supports the school’s Attendance Policy and encourages parents and children to arrive to school ontime. Each term, parents will receive a letter in relation to attendance and/or punctuality if the school are concerned about your child attendance and/or punctuality. We are legally obliged to do this under the National Educational Welfare Board guidelines.

The school yard is open for children from 8.20am and children are brought into their classes at 8.30am. Due to the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy released by the Department of Education and Skills in 2011 every class timetable is very busy and formal teaching starts at 8.30am every morning. It is important that your child arrives to school ontime as it disrupts your child’s day, he/she is missing out on lessons and the child is upset when he/she arrives to school when lessons have started.



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