student councilStudent Council campaigns were very impressive this year. Students put thier campiagn posters on every wall space they could find. Candidates introduced themselves to pupils in other classes and tried very hard to get other classes to remember their names and recognise them.

Student council candidates came up with lots of fun ideas and initiatives that we hope we introduce to the school. All candidates’ ideas were great! Ideas included a toy swap shop, school disco, cake sales, cinema nights, yard games and lots more!

Unfortunately every candidate could not be voted onto the Student Council this year. But we hope to use all your brilliant ideas to make our school a better place!

Here are the results of our Student Council Elections:

unior Infants: Leo and Suen

Senior Infants: Karen and Obaro

1st Class: Isoken

2nd Class: Samuel (This was a very close vote with Samuel winning by just 1 vote with 27 votes in total!)

3rd class: Willis

4th Class: Iyobo

5th Class: Caroline and Charles (Caroline and Charles both got 48 votes, therefore we decided that both should be elected to the Student Council)

We are looking forward to a very busy & active  Student Council for 2013/2014!





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