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Parents, guardians and friends, just a gentle reminder that smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited on our school campus.
  • Thank you for your co-operation.
  • Procedure if a person smokes in contravention of Section 47 of the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts that prohibits smoking in the workplace.

    1. Draw the person’s attention to the “No Smoking” signs and advise that they are committing an offence by smoking on the premises.
    2. Advise the person that it is also an offence for the Board of Management to permit anyone to smoke in contravention of the law.
    3. Advise the person that the school has a smoke-free policy to ensure a safe working environment for employees and students.
    4. If the person continues to smoke advice that they are in breach of school rules and that disciplinary sanctions will have to be implemented.
    5. Violation of the smoke free policy will invoke disciplinary procedures. Action will be in line with the procedures used for violation of any other health and safety procedure in the school.
    6. Violation of the smoke free policy by non-school personnel (e.g. visitors, contractors, suppliers) should be dealt with in accordance with the DES Circular 18/99 Guidelines on Violence in Schools.


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