pupil coverPupil Personal Accident Insurance is now in place for all of our pupils with Allianz.

24 hour cover : All pupils are covered 24 hours a day, for School Activities, social domestic and leisure activities (including during School holidays).

Procedure for making a claim:

  • The parent/guardian completes the claim form (Claim form available from our website www.allianz.ie/schools or can be sent out on request.)
  • The claim form will be signed by the parent/guardian and will also need to be signed by the School principal.
  • If the Policy is on an Option B basis, the principal will have to check their records to ensure the pupil is covered and the type of cover applicable i.e. 24hr or School only cover
  • The claim form should then be sent to Allianz along with any accompanying medical receipts. (If there are likely to be additional expenses as a result of the accident, please send a note with the claim stating that and we will keep the claim open).
  • All correspondence should contain the policy or reference number together with the School phone number and sent to :

Pupil Personal Accident Claims Department

Allianz House

Elm Park

Merrion Road,

Dublin 4.

Please see claim form below or click here to download.

[gview file=”https://www.powerstownet.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/pupil-personal-accident-report-form.pdf”]

Allianz do not RESTRICT the time in which follow on claims can be made. This means, if a pupil has an accident this year we will continue to pay the medical and / or dental expenses (subject to the policy limit of €50,000 from 01/09/11) for each as a result of that accident until the requirement for care has ceased. Our competitors have a time limit in which insured expenses can be claimed, after which date the parent/guardian is left to bear any subsequent costs. This benefit is particularly relevant for dental expenses where children may require further treatment for years to come, potentially leaving the parent out of pocket for an insured incident. Information Correct at 21st April 2016

Broadest cover Available

A claim under the dental expenses benefit will not affect the amount which can be claimed under the medical expenses benefit and vice versa. This doubles the amount you can claim to €100,000, and is unique to the Allianz Pupil Personal Accident Policy.



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