sponsored walk2We are hoping to do our Annual Sponsored Walk on Friday 14th of June 2013.
We are hoping to raise €5000 for the purchase of a server and data management system for the school. All children in the school will be participating in our sponsored walk.

I would appreciate if you could assist your child in filling their Sponsored Walk Cards. Parents, Guardians, family and friends are invited to sponsor the children. Parents are welcome to bring the sponsorship cards to work and social outings and ask for the support of colleagues and friends.

All information is posted here on the school website for you to share with others. School contact number, email address and website are listed on the Sponsorship Card.

How does the Sponsored Walk work?

  • All children are given a Sponsored Walk Card.

  • Each sponsored walk card has been given an ID.

  • Any queries about the Sponsored Walk can be made directly to the school.

  • Children seek as many sponsors as they can get and as much money as people can afford!

  • Prizes will be awarded for the largest amount of money raised in each class.

  • All money must be returned to the school by Friday 14th of June.

The whole school go for their Sponsored Walk with the support of an Garda Síochana at traffic junctions.
Hopefully, we purchase a server for the school!

If you have any queries, please speak to a member of staff or phone the office. Extra sponsorship cards are available on request.

Please support our fundraiser by getting as many sponsors as you can!



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