Sports Day 2012:

Powerstown Educate Together are hosting our first Sports Day on Tuesday 12th of June.

Parents are welcome to attend. All children will be participating in numerous fun activities throughout the day. Parents are also invited to participate in some activities. Parent activities start @12.30pm. Please ensure your child has a small lunch & big lunch with plenty of water and/orjuice. Please see below for timetable of events:


Timetable for the day:

9am – 9.30am: Fun scoot & cycle

Children are invited to bring in their scooters and bikes, with HELMETS & knee/elbow pads as required. Bikes & scooters are to be brought to the enclosed yard. Teachers will set up a track and children will take it in turn participating in the “Fun Scoot & cycle”.

9.30 – 9.45am: Dodge Ball game (Room 5). Children will play dodge ball using soft foam ball.

Children are then spilt into 3 groups with “Leaders”, Lorraine, Katie & Sharon.

9.50 – 10.45am: Sports day circuits starts. Children participate in 6 different activities.

10.50- 11am: Lón (some orange slices available for children)

11am: Recommence circuits. Children complete the final 6 activities.

12noon-12.15pm: Class soccer game. Children play soccer on grass area

12.15 – 12.30 am: Lunch: (Ice-cream and wafers for the children)

12.30 – 12.45pm: Parent Race

  • Wheelbarrow race

Parent and child race:

  • 3 legged race

  • Parent & child relay race

  • Parent & child sack race

12.45- 1pm: Class Volley Ball (water volleyball if outside)

1.00-1.10pm: Presentation of Certificates


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