Multicultural Week:

From Monday 25th of June until Friday 29th of June we are hosting our first annual Multicultural Week. The week will conclude with a Showcase @11am on Friday 29th.
All parents, guardians and friends are invited to come into the classroom and share their traditions, language and culture with us. This can be as simple as reading a tradional story to the children or can involve teaching the children a native poem, song or dance. Parents are encourgaed to introduce children to traditional clothing, customs and celebrations.
On Friday 29th of June all parents, children & the community are invited to participate in a Multicultural celebration. From 11am parents and children are invited to perform multicultural pieces introduced learnt during the week. Parents and guardians are also encouraged to bring in some traditional food for everyone to taste.
It promises to be a busy, exciting week, and a great way to end the year.


  • Let Helena or Katie know what you would like to do with the children o e.g. poem, song, dance, presentation, cookery lesson, art lesson etc

  • Let us know what day or time suits you to come into the class.

  • More than one day and time can be scheduled if you would like children to perform you piece at the showcase on Friday.

  • Prepare some traditional food for the children and parents to taste on Friday 29th

  • Come along to our Mulicultural Showcase and Food tasting on Friday 29th.

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