Our “We are Writers” publication symbolises the talent and creativity of every child attending Powerstown Educate Together National School. By purchasing this copy you are supporting our pupils – your children – to become published and accomplished authors.

Creative writing is one of the most important skills a child can learn. Writing stretches a child’s imagination wide open and offers them a wonderfully positive outlet for self expression.

There’s this magical moment when a child manages to capture a feeling or an idea perfectly and write it on a page.  It is noticed by a twinkle in the eye, an enthusiastic grin, or an eagerness to complete a sentence. It was mesmerising to see so many of these moments during the writing process, in each and every classroom!

It is fantastic to witness when a child proudly shares a snippet of their writing. They glow with a certain sense of achievement. It’s written all over their face.  This is something staff, volunteers and children have thoroughly enjoyed throughout the “We are Writers” project. I hope you get to enjoy this too, when your child reads you their published story!

I hope you find this book as much of a page turner as I did!

Helena Regan (Principal)

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