Relationship & Sexuality Education (R.S.E)

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) encourages children and young people to reflect on the relationships in their lives and to learn how to develop relationships which are based on mutual respect. This helps them to build a foundation for more intimate relationships in later life. RSE promotes a holistic understanding of sexuality and provides young people with information about their physical development and sexual health.

RSE in the school aims to support the work of parents, who are the primary educators of their children in this area.

RSE Month – November

Every year in Powerstown ETNS, the month of November is RSE month.

This means that every class in the school will cover the RSE curriculum during the month of November.

R.S.E. Information Meeting

A big thank you to the large number of parents/guardians who attended our annual information session on Thursday 12th of October at 12.30pm.

It was a very positive open discussion, whereby questions were answered and curriculum content explored.

Please CLICK HERE for pdf of presentation that led our discussion.

R.S.E. Curriculum Review

As discussed at this meeting the Department of Education are leading a RSE curriculum review at present. All information about this review is accessible HERE. As you can see, parental voice will a prominent influence on the shape of the new R.S.E Curriculum

R.S.E. Policy

Please CLICK HERE for Powerstown ETNS RSE policy.

Home School Curriculum Links

To ensure our parents are well informed of the content of RSE lessons, teachers will provide a copy of  home-school links  in relation to each new topic. 

Class teachers will send these letters  home via the school app (Aladdin) and upload them to the class blogs. If you have any difficult accessing these documents please contact the office on 01 8272018 or email your child’s class teacher directly.

RSE Curriculum Toolkit

The NCCA have developed the RSE Curriculum Toolkit, which is accessible here


RSE for Junior & Senior Infants RSE for 1st & 2nd class

RSE for 3rd & 4th class

RSE for 5th & 6th Class


RSE: “Sensitive Areas”

Some areas parents/guardians may find “sensitive.” These are detailed in summary below and can be accessed via the RSE books for further details or you can speak directly to your child’s class teacher.

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Some further resources for parents from HSE

Talking to your young child about relationships, sexuality and growing up

Tom’s Flower Power

RSE Booklet for parents

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Resources for Communicating with Parent/Guardians

Tips for parents on how to support teaching of RSE 

Talking to your young child about relationships, sexuality and growing up (HSE)

This resource kit aims to support parents to talk to their young children about relationships and sexuality in a gradual and age-appropriate way

Talking to your young child about relationships, sexuality and growing up

Making the ‘Big Talk’ many small talks (HSE)

A resource to support parents have conversations with their children aged 8 to 12 about relationships and healthy sexuality development.​

Making the ‘Big Talk’ many small talks


Busy Bodies (HSE)

The Busy Bodies resource was updated in 2020 with a new booklet. The resource provides useful and supportive information about the physical and emotional changes that children will experience during puberty, the basics of reproduction, and how young people can look after themselves as they grow up. Teachers can use the booklet to support preparation for teaching and learning while the resource can be shared with parents/guardians as a support and source of information for themselves and their child during puberty. 

Busy Bodies 


National Parents Council – Primary

NPCp exists to ensure that all parents are supported and empowered to become effective partners in their children’s education. 

NPCp runs workshops for parents on talking to your child about relationships and sex. Call 01 8874475 or 01 8874481 for more information. They also have a helpline number: 01 887 4477. You can visit their website here



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