hazel class The pupils in the Hazel class have had a very busy term. See belwo some of the highlights of Term 1. More information can be found on the Hazel Class Blog here 

  • All of us in Hazel class had a great day out today when we got to go on a science trip to Moyle Park College! We watched a load of science tricks and experiments and even got the chance to do a few of them ourselves! It was a great day and we all had lots of fun! We even got to see Emma and Maeve holding fireballs in their hands!!! What a day! 
  • Well done to three students in Hazel class who got the opportunity to bake for us recently. We all enjoyed our treats for golden time, it made the film we earned a lot more enjoyable! Hopefully we can keep up the good work and will be given the chance to do it again! 
  • On Friday afternoon (November 13th) Emma had kindly organised to take us out of the school to the forrest in order to study some of the wildlife there. While we were there she spoke to us all about mini beasts that live there and all about the trees that one can find there! We were given the opportunity to walk around and take in all of the sight and smells that the forrest puts on display every day of the year! We had an amazing time there and learnt loads! Thanks so much for bringing us Emma! 
  • On the 3rd of November the firefighters came to visit us all here in Powerstown ETNS. We were given the opportunity to go outside and to have a chat with all of the firefighters and to ask them what being a firefighter is all about. As well as this we were lucky enough to get the chance to sit in the fire truck and to use the powerful hose to spray water across the yard! It was a lot of fun and we were all more than delighted to have had the opportunity to talk to them!
  • Hazel class had a very exciting day! The army came to visit us here in Powerstown ETNS in order to tell us all about the Proclamation and in order to present us with a flag that we could hang high with pride in our school. To show our respect for the army students in Hazel class learned the Irish national anthem ‘Amhrán na bhFiann’. We were given flags tp wave proudly to show our appreciation for Ireland and the Irish language. 




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