lime classThe boys and girls in the Lime Class have been doing some amazing work with Sheila and Theresa. Here are some of the highlights from Term 1. You can find out more about their activities on their  blog here.

  • We Skyped Antarctica today. Jean is a scientist who works there. She showed us the Adélie Penguin’s breading ground. She also showed us Mount Erebus which is an active volcano and Ernst Shackletons hut an explorer who went to Antarctica 
  • Ciaran Kilkenny came to visit the school today with the Sam Maguire cup. We got no homework.!!!!! 
  • The Lime class hosted science for fun today. We had great fun experimenting with magnets, energy and planting.
  • The Fire Brigade visited today. 
  • We investigated the effect of coke on our teeth. We got two hard boiled eggs,  put one into coke and the other into water. We left the experiment for a few days. Here is what happened. 
  • This week is Maths week. We have constructed 3D monsters, aliens, rockets and spaceships 
  • We finally completed our history projects. We had great fun learning about our families.



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