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Active School Week

Active Break Everyday Challenge

Monday 26th – Friday 30th November: Throughout the week it will be the aim of each class to complete at least 3 varied active breaks a day! Our committee members will keep track of their class’ progress using this chart and the class with the most complete at the end of the week will be awarded extra yard time!

European Week of Sport

Staff V Pupil Challenge

Today as part of our European Week of Sport 5th and 6th class took on the staff in a basketball hoop challenge!

Check out the videos below to see who won!

#FitnessdayIRL #BeActive @SportIreland @activeflag @fitnessdayIRL


We made it to the Eiffel Tower!

We made it! 778km is easy when you’re as fit as we are! Powerstown ➡️ 🇫🇷⚡️💫
#TourofEurope #BeActive @activeflag @sportireland


A big well done to our Active School Committee for organising a successful “run to Paris”. Each class completed at least 10 laps of our yard each day! The positive energy and fitness levels of our pupils have progressed so much in the last week!

Keep an eye in your child’s journal for PE Homework, join a local sports club or go for a walk, cycle or scoot each day. It is important that we all get 30 minutes of exercise each day!

European Week of Sport


What is it?

This year Powerstown ETNS are participating in “The 2018 European Week of Sport.” Physical Activity will be celebrated in our school from 24th – 28th of September!
Why are we participating?
It is important that our pupils get 60 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. Although the school day is very short, we encourage our pupils to #beactive and believe that is strongly supports their mental well-being, and therefore enables them to reach their true academic potential!
So, next week, each class will participate in daily exercises! Please ensure that your child wears runners and appropriate clothing to school. 

How are We Celebrating?

We are going to the Eiffel Tower!
As part of European Week of Sport and the #BeActive campaign the entire school is going to the Eiffel Tower!
It’s 778km away. To get there, each class are going to walk, jog or run 55km. This is 55 laps of our yard.  This equates to just 10 laps of our yard per day!
There is a whiteboard and calculator on our P.E board and each class will  add their km each day when they come in from yard. A great way to integrate Maths in our #BeActive campaign.
Classes are encouraged to put 0/55km on their  class whiteboard and either add or take away until they have reached their 55km target!

Physical Education

Appropriate clothes for PE

Every child in school should be doing one hour of discrete PE through the school week. In Powerstown, most teachers choose to split this hour over two days. To ensure that PE can be enjoyed fully by all children we recommend that children wear runners and appropriate clothing that allow for flexibility and movement.

PE Days

Monday: Birch, Rose, Sycamore, Oak


Wednesday: Beech, Lime, Chestnut, Sycamore, Alder, Kamilah, Redwood

Thursday: Rowan, Hazel, Ash, Birch, Larry GAA day – check with teacher

Friday: Beech, Lime, Hazel, Redwood, Willow and Rose

Physical Activity

Active School Flag: what is it and why?

According to the WHO all children require 60 minutes of physical exercise every day. As part of aiming to achieve the Active Schools Flag this year we are seeking, in partnership with parents and other organisations and family members, to energise all children throughout the day to be active for at least 60 minutes!

Ways this will be carried out and ensured in school: active playground, running initiatives e.g. Tour of Europe, active calendar events e.g. Active School Week, active brain breaks during class time and through cross curricular links.

Think about ways at home that all children could be more active! And if you have any ideas or hear of any cool initiatives in other schools, on the radio or TV that you think might energise all, send them on to


Our First Fit Friday

What a great start to our weekly fitness buzz!

Fit Friday!!

Get on your dancing/running shoes! 
This Friday will be our first Fit Friday of the year. As part of our Active Flag application parents are invited to stay on yard every Friday to take part in a whole school dance/exercise session! The fun will begin at 8.30 and run until about 8.45.
Hope you can make it! #BeActive

Our Active Flag Committee

Congratulations to all elected members of our Active Flag Committee. It will be there responsibility to attend committee meetings to share active ideas from their class and to inform their classes of Active Flag events and activities held throughout the year! To an Active Year ahead!

Active Homework

As part of our Active Flag we encourage all of our children to be active after school – through after school clubs, playing outside with friends and by assigning active homework!

Below is the active homework for all classes from October – December! Check back in the new year for January – April. #BeActive #GetMoving

Download (PDF, 42KB)

Tyrrelstown GAA Club

Tyrrelstown GAA

Every Thursday afternoon Larry (games promotion officer with Dublin GAA) comes in to school to work with all children to develop their core basic movement, ball handling, ball control skills and hand eye co-ordination.

Larry is affiliated with Tyrrelstown GAA who train at Tyrrelstown Community Centre.

Training Times:
All training sessions take place in the Main Hall of Tyrrelstown Community Centre
Nursery (Ages 4 to 6 years) – Saturday 10am-11am and Monday 6pm-7pm
U7s & U8s (born 2010 or 2011) – Monday 6pm-7pm
U9s & U10s (born 2009 or 2008) – Wednesday 7pm-8pm
U11s & U12s (born 2007 or 2006) – Tuesday 6pm-7pm