Our Motto:

Being Active makes you smile basketball, swimming or running a mile!

Active Visitors


 Highlights from our Sport For School fundraising event and our visit from Caradh O’Donovan! Thank you again for all your support and for the big fundraising effort!

In the video mix we also had a visit from the Sam Maguire! Up Dublin!


We Are An Active School!!!!

Active School Weeks

European Week of Sport 2019



What a fun week that was in Powerstown! Every class was out running laps on the yard each day – we decided as a school to keep doing this throughout the year to get even further than just Brussels or Paris – so our destination is still being run to each day! This fits with Alder and Kamilah classes marathon kids ambitions and we all thought everyone was much happier with some extra time exercising in the fresh air!

The teachers took the bragging rights this year in the staff vs pupils basketball hoop shoot challenge – good luck next year students!

European Week of Sport 

It’s that time of year again! After the success of last year (running all the way to the Eiffel Tower!!!) we’re taking part in the European week of Sport once more. 

This year we aim to run even further. measuring our distances daily and on the Friday seeing which European landmark we manage to get to! Will it be the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, the Manneken Pis in Brussels?! Watch this space!

Each day classes will run laps and after the week will continue to do so after big break so as to get as much exercise in during our school day – every day, all year!

On Friday the annual Staff vs Students basketball hoop challenge will take place! Can the 5th and 6th classes topple the staff this year?!

Also 6th class will be competing in a rugby blitz in Coolmine RFC on Monday 23rd! Up Ireland in the World Cup! 

#BeActive @ActiveFlag

Active School Week!

What a week in Powerstown!! We were moving pretty much every minute of every day!

On Monday 2md – 6th class had workshops with Leinster Rugby and Cricket Ireland. They learned some important basic movement and ball skills associated with each sport, playing rugby and cricket games to practise their newly acquired skills too! Junior infants – 1st Class took part in PE stations in the hall taking in different activities from each of the strands they had covered through the year. 

Every other day during the week – each class has 40 minutes allocated PE time in the hall or outside; took part in exercise in the classroom such as 10@10 and The Body Coach workouts; DEARun – after lunch each day for the last 3 weeks every class has stayed out to complete laps as part of the Tour Of Europe challenge – we ran extra hard this week for Active Week!; we had music on yard every big lunch break and due to its success we will keep this going to ensure our yard is an Active one!!

On Friday we had Tennis Ireland in to do a super active workshop! Every class picked up some new tennis skills and worked on striking the ball with an implement! WE also had our staff vs staff dodgeball which the junior staff members won! We also beat 6th Class!!!!

Thanks to all the parents that came in to help make it such a successful and active week! Already can’t wait for next year’s!



This week it’s our annual Active Sports week! Each day children in all classes will have access to PE, will be active in their classrooms through dance and exercise and will be getting workshops with Leinster rugby, Cricket Ireland and Tennis Ireland! 
All children are also encouraged to Walk, Skate, Cycle or Scoot to school each day!
On Thursday we will be having our sports day (weather permitting!) with children’s engaging in lots of active play and sport for the whole day.
For the week children should wear suitable clothing each day (runners, tracksuit, shorts, sun cream, rain jacket) so that they can participate fully!
Let’s all make this a super Active end to our amazingly active year!
Being Active makes your smile, basketball, swimming or running a mile! #BeActive #ActiveFlag #ASW19  

Tour Of Europe Challenge Part II

From this week on (10th June) until the end of the year we will be going on a Tour of Europe part II. Last time we ran to The Eiffel Tour, this time our aim is to get to a European capital as far away as possible! 

Each day during DEARun time our classes will be running laps of the yard and adding up their totals on the board each week. At the end of the third week we will see how far we get!!

Active Break Everyday Challenge

Monday 26th – Friday 30th November: Throughout the week it will be the aim of each class to complete at least 3 varied active breaks a day! Our committee members will keep track of their class’ progress using this chart and the class with the most complete at the end of the week will be awarded extra yard time!


Every class has made a huge commitment to taking active breaks during our learning – not just for the week but for the whole year. All of us love the fun of getting up out of our seats and it helps us concentrate even more when we get back in them!

European Week of Sport

Staff V Pupil Challenge

Today as part of our European Week of Sport 5th and 6th class took on the staff in a basketball hoop challenge!

Check out the videos below to see who won!

#FitnessdayIRL #BeActive @SportIreland @activeflag @fitnessdayIRL


We made it to the Eiffel Tower!

We made it! 778km is easy when you’re as fit as we are! Powerstown ➡️ ??⚡️?
#TourofEurope #BeActive @activeflag @sportireland




A big well done to our Active School Committee for organising a successful “run to Paris”. Each class completed at least 10 laps of our yard each day! When we added all of our kilometres together we made it all the way to the Eiffel Tower in Paris! The positive energy and fitness levels of our pupils have progressed so much in the last week!


Keep an eye in your child’s journal for PE Homework, join a local sports club or go for a walk, cycle or scoot each day. It is important that we all get 30 minutes of exercise each day!

European Week of Sport


What is it?

This year Powerstown ETNS are participating in “The 2018 European Week of Sport.” Physical Activity will be celebrated in our school from 24th – 28th of September!
Why are we participating?
It is important that our pupils get 60 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. Although the school day is very short, we encourage our pupils to #beactive and believe that is strongly supports their mental well-being, and therefore enables them to reach their true academic potential!
So, next week, each class will participate in daily exercises! Please ensure that your child wears runners and appropriate clothing to school. 

How are We Celebrating?

We are going to the Eiffel Tower!
As part of European Week of Sport and the #BeActive campaign the entire school is going to the Eiffel Tower!
It’s 778km away. To get there, each class are going to walk, jog or run 55km. This is 55 laps of our yard.  This equates to just 10 laps of our yard per day!
There is a whiteboard and calculator on our P.E board and each class will  add their km each day when they come in from yard. A great way to integrate Maths in our #BeActive campaign.
Classes are encouraged to put 0/55km on their  class whiteboard and either add or take away until they have reached their 55km target!

Physical Education


This year as part of the Active Flag process, we as teachers had to reflect on our own teaching of the P.E. curriculum – were we teaching it as effectively as possible, were some of the strands getting less attention than others or could we restructure it as a whole school so as to be better prepared or resourced?


As a staff we decided to be honest with ourselves and each other. We all know some of us have huge strengths and competencies in certain areas but that we not all perfect – we can’t all be multi instrumental athlete geniuses! 


Through an anonymous questionnaire we found that the strand or area that needed most attention was the Dance strand. Our findings also informed us that the main thing holding us back was confidence teaching the strand – in ourselves – and in terms of resourcing a dance lesson – what songs should we use, where would we find them?

Action Plan

Through whole staff reflection we decided to best improve the teaching of the Dance strand we needed to: share the teaching of dance, create a bank of songs for creative and Irish dances and to create a whole school buzz to bring dance to the fore in the school.

Shared Teaching: As our school already emphasises shared through various different forms of station and team teaching for maths and English we felt we could adopt this approach, so as to best utilise the different skills and competencies of the staff in the school. Teachers more confident and able within their team teaching group were able to lead dance lessons while other available staff could help manage the children in their practice.

Also during Seachtain Na Gaeilge different class groups joined up to learn the different dances allocated to each class level. This widened the scope even further and meant that each group had a teacher expert working with them!

Resource Bank: From our findings as a staff we were finding it difficult to select appropriate music and to find it during teaching of the creative dance strand unit. Using the 2017 PDST dance workshop as a guide (dance activities paired to music with song names) we downloaded all of the songs and uploaded them as mp3s to the school resource drive, sharing them with all staff to use readily during dance lessons. We also shared the PDST workshop with staff to aid in planning and preparation. 

As some teachers were also finding it difficult to find the correct music to pair with each of the Rincí Gaelacha we also uploaded a separate folder with each of the songs named correctly and linked to our whole school plan. 

Whole School Dance Buzz: Through whole staff reflection we also found that not enough emphasis was being placed on the performance of dance and though all of our classes practise and enjoy dancing as part of GoNoodle etc rarely do we showcase it as a whole school. 

So, to create a buzz, energy and to get all of us dancing – children, parents, staff, uncles, aunties and grandparents we decided to host a dance morning every Friday morning whereby a different class each week would lead the whole hall, family members and school community invited, in a dance of their choice. This has been great for everyone not just the kids and also gives the teachers a chance to dance like no one is watching!



What to pack:

  • Swimming costume
  • Swimming hat
  • Flip-flops / swimming socks
  • Arm bands (optional)
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Towel
  • Bag for wet clothes

Top tips!

  • Children should wear their swimming costumes under their clothes to school. It saves time on arrival at the pool!
  • Please put your child’s name on all of his or her belongings with permanent marker
  • If bringing arm bands, please blow them up in advance. Arm bands are optional this year as the NAC can adjust the depth of the pool to cater for new swimmers!
  • Please do not pack shampoo, conditioner or body lotions

The P.E. Curriculum

Physical Education (P.E) is for children from junior infants to sixth class. The curriculum contributes to children’s overall development by helping them to lead full, active and healthy lives – with the aim to developing fundamental movement and ball skills in all children appropriate to their ability. 

The PE curriculum provides a balanced range of activities for children through the six strands:





•Outdoor and adventure activities


Appropriate clothes for PE

Every child in school should be doing one hour of discrete PE through the school week. In Powerstown, most teachers choose to split this hour over two days. To ensure that PE can be enjoyed fully by all children we recommend that children wear runners and appropriate clothing that allow for flexibility and movement.

P.E. Days

Monday: Birch, Rose, Sycamore, Oak


Wednesday: Beech, Lime, Chestnut, Sycamore, Alder, Kamilah, Redwood

Thursday: Rowan, Hazel, Ash, Birch, Larry GAA day – check with teacher

Friday: Beech, Lime, Hazel, Redwood, Willow and Rose

Physical Activity

Active School Walkway

What an amazing new resource our school has received from Get Ireland Walking. The resource has been put up around the school to be used as a walking route akin to the Slí na Sláinte (Way of Health).

Also it will also be used as an orienteering course as all markers have different letters attached. 

April should be fun for all classes using the new orienteering course – some of the markers are harder to find than others!

Tyrrelstown GAA Blitz

The Powerstown ETNS boys and girls GAA team took part in the first Tyrrelstown blitz this week with Gaelscoil an Cuilinn and Tyrrelstown ETNS. The children did their school proud and played brilliantly in windy conditions. A special mention to the 3rd/4th class boys who were unbeaten on the day! We’re all looking forward to the next blitz in term 2.

Santry Athletics


A huge well done to all our athletes who competed in Santry Athletics. This year we had 8 relay teams entered and each did us equally proud. One of our teams and one of our individual sprinters made it into the finals – a huge feat in itself as it was only the top two athletes or teams that qualified from each heat. If your child is interested in joining an athletics club see details below.
Metro/St. Brigid’s A.C.

Address: 1 Luttrellstown Way, Castleknock, Dublin 15 Contact: 087-2412972 Website: http://www.msbac.ie/ Email: frank@fward.ie

Active Yard!


We all love our Active Yard. Every day our 6th class pupils and active committee members help set up the active yard. Children on yard get a day each when they can go and practise their skipping, ball and locomotor skills! Its great for teachers too as it means there’s more space on the main yard for children to play and move freely! We’ll be keeping the active yard forever!

Active Afterschool Clubs!

Term 3:


GAA: 2nd – 6th Classes at 2.10 – 3pm


Jill’s Dance: JI – 6th Class 1.10 2.10/2.10 – 3pm.

Irish Dancing: JI – 6th Class (evenings in hall).


Mixed Games: JI and SI 1.10 – 2.10pm

Mixed Sports: 1st and 2nd Classes 2.10 – 3pm

Soccer: 3rd – 6th Classes 2.10 – 3pm

Taekwondo: 6+ (evenings in the hall)


Term 2

Athletics: 3rd – 6th Classes on Wednesdays 2.10 – 3pm

BeActive Multi-sports: 1st and 2nd Classes on Wednesdays 2.10 – 3pm

GAA: Thursday: 3rd – 6th Class 2.10 – 3pm

Fingal Athletics League

Big well done to our after school Athletics club who took part in the Fingal Athletics League cross country races in Porterstown Park. All did us proud #BeActive #ActiveSchoolFlag


Marathon Kids: the Final Mile

The Kamilah and Alder Class completed their final mile in Santry Stadium this week! Well done you guys – You’ve now completed a marathon of 25.2 miles!

Marathon Kids

Our 5th and 6th classes have been taking part in Fingal County Council’s 8 week running programme. 

Students have been performing four running sessions each week inching them closer to completing their first marathon as well as learning about the benefits of physical activity.

The finale will see the students running their last mile and completing the marathon at the National Cross Country Course located at the National Sports Campus in Dublin 15.


Making the Right Choices

Do we make the right choices when it comes to food? Our body is like a car, it needs fuel. If we fail to fuel our body with the right energy it won’t perform as well as it can.  Former Olympian David Gillick answered this and a lot more questions directly when he visited Powerstown ETNS last week. We have some nice little videos and some cool pictures of his visit.

From the Kamilah Class:

“On Wednesday 17th of October David Gillick the Irish international track and field athlete came to PETNS.
David ran 1 mile with the Kamilah and Alder class.
David also spoke to the children about the benefits of getting adequate sleep and keeping hydrated.
David gave the children some tasty recipe ideas from his new book Back on Track.
The Kamilah and Alder class are looking forward to completing the marathon in November with David at Santry Stadium.

We’ve learned that running and exercising is good for both body (Week 2), mind (Week 3) and socially (Week 4) and that there are also a lot of Community Benefits in Exercising (Week 5). Week 6 saw David talk about the Importance of Hydration.

Active School Flag: what is it and why?

According to the WHO all children require 60 minutes of physical exercise every day. As part of aiming to achieve the Active Schools Flag this year we are seeking, in partnership with parents and other organisations and family members, to energise all children throughout the day to be active for at least 60 minutes!

Ways this will be carried out and ensured in school: active playground, running initiatives e.g. Tour of Europe, active calendar events e.g. Active School Week, active brain breaks during class time and through cross curricular links.

Think about ways at home that all children could be more active! And if you have any ideas or hear of any cool initiatives in other schools, on the radio or TV that you think might energise all, send them on to james@powerstownet.com


Sports For Schools – Athletes who Inspire Kids

On Friday 22nd of November Irish National Karate champion and Olympic hopeful Caradh O’Donovan will be visiting our school. She will be leading all children in a fun fitness circuit in which we hope there will be non stop movement start to finish!
The circuit is a sponsored circuit – we ask that children bring in €3 to help raise money for new sports equipment in the school and to help support Irish athletes like Caradh to compete for our country and inspire the next generation.
There are prizes for contributions more than €3 – however there is no expectation or pressure to contribute more than this sum
If you would like more info about the event please find the sponsorship booklet in your child’s bag or homework folder. All information about the event can be found there or online at www.sportsforschools.org

Tyrrelstown Community Centre After School Sports Programme

Leinster Rugby: Coolmine RFC World Cup

Fair play to our 6th Class students who took part in a tag rugby blitz in Coolmine RFC as part of our partnership with Leinster Rugby – great to get involved in the World Cup Buzz and hopefully start some of our students on a path to future Rugby World Cup glory!

Active Committee 2019/2020

Congratulations to our new Active Flag Committee members! Loads more still to do this year to make sure our school is even more active than last year!

In our first committee meeting we discussed the need for all teachers to assign active homework every day and that it is the committees jobs to ensure that their teachers are doing so. We also discussed the Active Yard timetable and the senior members showed the more junior members how to set up the area. The active committee this year is also going to be responsible for making sure that everyone on yard is being as active as possible – that they have games to play/know how to play or that in the winter months they do their talking while they’re walking!

Let’s make this another active year to remember!

Aldi Rugby

The Active Committee would like to say a huge thanks to the PTA organising the collection of Aldi rugby stickers this year. A huge well done is also owed to all families in school who brought in stickers to put up on the poster!

Though we did not win the 50,000 euro, we were very lucky to receive 4 new rugby balls, 6 match day water bottles and a very handy gear bag for our tag rugby equipment!

Well done and thanks! Let’s see if we can win the 50,000 next year!

Active Clubs in our Community

We would love to hear about all those extra curricular activities you all get up to on the weekend or during the week! If you are a member of a club in our community – dance, GAA, basketball, taekwondo or any other activities- we are going to include your good news in Friday assembly.
If you’ve won a trophy bring it in, if you’ve learned a new dance tell us about it or if you just had training on the weekend or during the week we want to know.
The aim is to increase awareness of sports clubs and physical activities available in the area for everyone in the school #BeActive #ActiveSchoolFlag

Skip’n Rope Skipping Workshop

A great couple of days skipping had by all classes! Over the two days every class in the school had the opportunity to learn and master the important skill of skipping!

Skipping requires a great amount of co-ordination and develops these gross motor skills massively.

Children will continue to have the chance to practice their skipping during Active Yard every day! #BeActive #ActiveSchoolFlag

Our First Fit Friday


What a great start to our weekly fitness buzz!

Fit Friday!!

Get on your dancing/running shoes! 

This Friday will be our first Fit Friday of the year. As part of our Active Flag application parents are invited to stay on yard every Friday to take part in a whole school dance/exercise session! The fun will begin at 8.30 and run until about 8.45.
Hope you can make it! #BeActive

Our Active Flag Committee

Congratulations to all elected members of our Active Flag Committee. It will be there responsibility to attend committee meetings to share active ideas from their class and to inform their classes of Active Flag events and activities held throughout the year! To an Active Year ahead!

Choosing our School Motto

Well done to each class for submitting such clever and well thought out ideas for our Active School motto! The Active Flag committee were responsible for voting in their favourite and the winner was ‘Being active makes you smile basketball, swimming or running a mile!’

Well done to the Kamilah class for coming up with that one and you’ve earned yourselves 15 minutes of yard time with access to any equipment from the P.E. store!!

Active Flag Suggestion Box

Well done to those that have submitted suggestions to our Active Flag Suggestion box. Going through them with the committee, we got some great ideas for our Active School week and also to help make us all more active through the week!

P.E. Store Clean and Tidy

A huge well done to the Active Flag committee for doing such a huge job on the P.E. store room. All areas are now labelled and all broken equipment has been binned. With the new equipment we managed to buy this year it is important that we keep all of the items in the store well organised and well looked after.

From now on each committee member will be tasked with making sure that the store is tidy after they have had their P.E. session!

Active Homework

As part of our Active Flag we encourage all of our children to be active after school – through after school clubs, playing outside with friends and by assigning active homework!

Below is the active homework for all classes from October – December! Check back in the new year for January – April. #BeActive #GetMoving

Term 1

[gview file=”https://www.powerstownet.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Active-Homework-Whole-School.pdf”]

Term 2

Term 2 Active Homework


Term 3

Active homework this term will be at the discretion of each class teacher – we recommend that with the good weather that Term 3 brings each child gets to play outside and be active outside as much as possible. 

If you would still like to work on important fundamental movement skills at home this is a great resource to guide your fun!


Dublin Sonics Basketball Club



Tyrrelstown Cricket Club



Tyrrellstown Cricket Club is going to begin 2019 season very soon. The club has now its own Cricket ground which is getting readied with a new artificial pitch, for hosting matches from this current 2019 league season from 2nd week of April onwards.

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Watch out for this space for more details on the coming big day of our club.
Email: tyrrelstowncricket@gmail.com

Tyrrelstown GAA Club

Tyrrelstown GAA



Every Thursday afternoon Larry (games promotion officer with Dublin GAA) comes in to school to work with all children to develop their core basic movement, ball handling, ball control skills and hand eye co-ordination.

Larry is affiliated with Tyrrelstown GAA who train at Tyrrelstown Community Centre.

Training Times:
All training sessions take place in the Main Hall of Tyrrelstown Community Centre
Nursery (Ages 4 to 6 years) – Saturday 10am-11am and Monday 6pm-7pm
U7s & U8s (born 2010 or 2011) – Monday 6pm-7pm
U9s & U10s (born 2009 or 2008) – Wednesday 7pm-8pm
U11s & U12s (born 2007 or 2006) – Tuesday 6pm-7pm
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