Please see our most recently updated Covid-19 Response Plan here (23/8/2021)

Covid 19 Risk Assessment here (Please note this is a working document)

Covid 19 Isolation Guidelines – January 2022

Covid-19 HSPC Documentation

We just wanted to make you aware, if you hadn’t already seen, that the isolation guides for under 13s and over 13s have been updated this week:

Both these are available here

There is also this HSPC flow chart which may be a handy visual representation for yourselves and the school community.

All of the above links are also contained in the National Interim Guidelines for Public Health management of contacts of cases of COVID-19 document which was updated on 6/1/22.


Letter sent home to parents on 26/8/2021


Advice from Department of Education sent home to parents on 26/8/2021

School Guidance Documents in relation to children presenting to school




Re-opening in August 2021 @PowerstownETNS

We kindly ask that ALL CHILDREN have:

  1. small reuseable bag to use as a personal hygiene bag.
  2. Face cloth, tissues, small hand-sanitizer for personal hygiene bag. (Parents/guardians are asked to was face cloths daily – as will be used as personal hand-towels)

By purchasing these items we can minimise the risk of cross-contamination in school. Thank you for your support.


Hand Sanitizer:

Hand Sanitizer will be at every entrance and exit point in the school. 

Portable sanitizer will be accessible to pupils arrival to school.

Hand sanitizer will be in every room in the school.

Soap & hot water:

Soap & hot water are in EVERY classroom and every toilet in the school and accessible throughout the school day to children.

Hand towels

All children will have their own personal hand towels (face cloths) in their personal hygiene pack.  This will help minimise cross contamination (and also be good for our environment!).

The school will stock same in case your child forgets theirs.

Hand washing

It is imperative that your child knows how to wash their hands properly. Your child will be washing their hands regularly throughout the school day. 



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