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Please note that PETNS now has a school app.

The majority of our letters are sent directly to parents via this app via the app noticeboard.

School information is also sent to parents via the school newsletter which is accessible here. 

This page will only display letters sent home to parent/guardians in their child’s school bags during the school year.

Click on the links below to view letters

School Year 2018/2019

February 2019

Imaginosity Permission Slip Rose, Willow Holly & Hawthorn class

Imaginosity Permission Slip Oak & Sycamore class

Imaginosity Permission Slip Ash & Chestnut class

January 2019

Swimming letter & permission slip

December 2018

November 2018

October 2018

November is RSE Month


Redwood/Rowan Class: Dublin City Centre Field Trip

Alder Class – Science Gallery Field Trip

Alder Class – Cycle Right Permission Slips

Permission to collect child 1st-6th class

Permission to collect child Senior Infants

Permission to collect child Junior Infants


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