No public restrooms in school

No public restrooms in school

Unfortunately, the Department of Education did not build any public restrooms in the school.

Children’s toilets are located in their classrooms.

Due to health and safety and fire regulations, we cannot permit parents/guardians continuous access to the school to use the toilets.

The school office is very busy, and it is very difficult for staff to get their work done when there is a constant flow of people requesting access to the toilets.

All persons who enter the school building must SIGN IN at the office, and write the reason for the visit. All persons must SIGN OUT before leaving the building.

It would be much appreciated if parents/guardians could use restrooms at home, before coming to collect their children and/or dropping their children to school.

We appreciate your understanding, as the safety and welfare of our pupils is our priority.

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Powerstown Educate Together Web Administrator
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