Whole School Monthly theme- SPHE YCDI Theme- Getting Along.

Healthy Habits of Mind for the Month  – really important for good mental health of the school and for prevention of  social issues.

Being Tolerant of others. (developing understanding and empathy; if  a child feels someone is mean to them, or a child is different to them, it doesn’t mean they are a bad person. We encourage children to think that they need to find out more about the person and to respect differences, and to try and understand and respect other persons perspectives.)

  • Playing by the rules– (develop knowledge and understanding of school rules and being fair. Encouraging children to follow the school rules and develop understanding that following rules will make children happier in school and enable them to be more successful.)
  • Thinking first. (eg. Encouraging children to develop empathy and think before they act/think before they speak.)


Strand Strand Units YCDI- teaching Getting Along Getting Along Helpful Resources

Myself and others

Myself and the wider world

my friends and other people

Developing Citizenship

(see here for content objectives specifically for your class)

Continue to Teaching Getting Along through Discrete time

Teaching Getting Along through SPHE lesson time-

Explicit Teaching

  • present new material of getting along in small steps
  • give clear and detailed instructions of same
  • provide active practice for all learners (barrier game in pairs for example- taking turns, respectful language. )
  • Guide children during initial practice.
  • Continue practice until learners are independent and confident. (2 months to teach the skill explicitly)

Promoting positive inclusive behaviours of getting along nicely with each other amongst the children

Kindness Wreath

When a child displays markable Getting Along behaviours, or friendly inclusive behaviours it can be marked by tying a ribbon to the wreath. (snas can help with children going to tie a ribbon on. )see more about it on the Drive





  • Mind training
  • YCDI manual- Getting Along section
  • YCDI puppets (Ash class- use sign out sheet please)
  • YCDI Class posters on Get Along Gabby.
  • YCDI song- Gabby Get along
  • YCDI teacher’s Manual.
  • YCDI glance cards (green  one)
  • Friendship powerpoint. (might be good for circle time in middle classes.)
  • Think before you speak poster – lots more on twinkl. (good for middle to older classes)
  • Google Drive SPHE folder.

SPHE Assessment templates-

Friendship skills.



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