The Staff, pupils, BOM and PTA of Powerstown ETNS wish you all a very Happy Winter […]
Rowan class will be exhibiting their Science Project  “Which slows your heart rate faster: mouth breathing […]
Reminder: School will be closed on Wednesday 11th of January 2017 Staff will be attending training in […]
PETNS is delighted to let you know that we will be hosting FREE classes for parents […]
A big thank you to our PTA for all their hard work during Term 1. You […]
A big congratulations to the pupils and their parents who have been in school every day […]
Luke and the Rowan Class have had a very exciting term 1. Their adventures and activities […]
Pupils in the Redwood class have had a very busy and productive term with Eoin and […]
  The pupils in third class have had a very busy term with Siobhán in the […]
  The pupils in second class have had a very busy term with Stephen and Deirdre […]
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