Preparation for the whole school musical is well underway. As part of your child’s participation in the cast we request that your child wear certain items of clothing during the performance. These clothing items will need to be sent into your child’s class teacher by May 30th in a bag clearly labelled with their name and class. Your child’s class teacher will be sending you details of what your child needs to bring in.

Furthermore, the school would great appreciate any help you could provide with the collection of props for the play. If you have any of the following items at home that you could lend to the school, please let us know and would gratefully accept it:

Orange wig for a child            Locket on a chain        Small wicker basket   

Wooden paddle                       Laundry hamper          Policeman uniform/ hat

Umbrellas                               Male overcoat             Large Blanket

Steps                                       Wheelchair                  Old men suits

Any items borrowed will returned to you after the play is completed in the same condition.

Thank you for your co-operation and support of the musical performances.



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