SCC_RsaThis week in assembly we are learning all about Road Safety and the Safe Cross Code

Road safety for kids

Learning good road safety habits at an early age is vitally important. We provide the resources to help you get the road safety message across. 

Going to school

The RSA develops many information leaflets which you can use as a guides.

Child car seats

Did you know 3 out of 4 child car seats are not fitted correctly which can cause death or serious injury.

You can get your child car seat checked for free when you visit the Check it Fits Road show.

Come along with your car, your car seat and your child where you experts will make sure your child is safe.

Details of where the road show will visit in 2011 will be posted on this website.

Walk Safely – stay bright both day and night

Be Safe Be Seen with Hi Glow Silver. Click here to learn more about staying safe when walking on the road.

Test how Roadwise you are by playing this 3M Roadwise computer game.

Test your road safety knowledge by taking our road safety quiz.

Cycle Safety

It is really important to be Roadwise when on your bike. Click here to learn more.

Watch the cycling to school cartoon video to learn more about what you should and should not do when cycling to school.

Car Safety – Buckle Up

Stay safe when you travel in the car with an adult. Buckle up with the Seatbelt Sheriff! Click here to learn more.



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