Classroom Ventilation & COVID-19
The DES has published Guidelines on Ventilation in schools
The following tips will be considering as the temperature begins to drop:
  • Windows should not remain open if they are causing discomfort.  It is suggested that they are open in the morning, break times and home time
  • Achieving fresh air via a number of windows partially opened as required rather than one window fully open can help to maximise the use of window-driven natural ventilation distribution across the room without causing discomfort
  • In colder weather, any local chilling effect can be offset by opening the windows nearest to and above the radiators
  • Consideration should be given to local circumstances that may require additional windows to be opened, such as after break-time activities
  • The objective is to ensure that there is adequate fresh air in the room i.e. that the air is constantly being changed through ventilation.  Fresh air can be warm, so keep the heating on as required to keep the temperature up to 160.
In summary, the advice is:
  • Open windows (fully) before school, after school and during breaks
  • Turn on heating (when required) and partially open windows above the radiators so as to offset any local chilling effect that occurs because windows are  open!
  • It is better to partially open several windows than to open one window fully.



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