Earth Hour 2019 – Tomorrow!

Earth Hour 2019 – Tomorrow!

Celebrate The Hour!  
Do you love this planet of ours?  And everything that lives upon it?Why not show your love and be a part of an ever increasing global community of people switching off in solidarity with global efforts to secure nature and our home.
Just simply switch off all your lights in your home for one hour!  Why not make it fun and have a go at stargazing with all the family or host a candlelit dinner? And of course there are lots of different ways the global community is coming together on a bigger scale – visit for more details and info.
From the first Earth Hour in 2007 by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Sydney, Australia – where they saw a reduction of 10.2% in consumption of energy across the city to 2018 where the world witnessed a record joining of 7000 towns and cities across 188 countries and territories – this annual stand against climate change is the worlds largest environmental movement for the planets wellbeing.
So please….#Connect2Earth

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