Our topic today for Maths Week was Outdoor Maths! We had some great games and activities taking place on our school grounds today!

Alder Class

Alder Class were outside today trying out our challenge to try and move as much water across the yard with different utensils! They also made great use of our IZAK9 cubes too!

Hazel Class

Hazel Class got outside today and did a maths trail! They also got to try out our IZAK9 cubes!

Redwood Class

Redwood Class visited our Estimation Station in the Geodome today and after they tried our our water transporting game!

Rose Class

Rose Class went on their Maths Trail today!

Elm Class

Elm Class did some Maths for Fun in class today and played lots of fun different maths games and activities!

Lime Class

Lime Class also took part in Maths for Fun today!

Chestnut Class

Chestnut Class went to visit our Forest School today. They counted out leaves and made numbers using twigs and other items they could find. Then they all made a picture using 10 different items that they found!



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