Dear fellow parents,

We all know the struggles of the Autumn and Winter seasons! The runny noses, cold and dark mornings calling for some warm blanket cuddles or just a few more minutes of sleep under a comfy duvet. The weather does not encourage anyone to go outside and play.

We can all relate to that as parents and as members of the PTA too.
This year, we would love for all our school community to come together and fight through it with positivity and warmth in our hearts – in spite of the temperatures outside!

Let’s all encourage our kids (as the teachers are doing in the classroom/assembly as well) to throw open the duvet with loads of love and positive words to make our family wake up calls that bit brighter. Make a healthy breakfast to help fight through this infection season. Put some crazy hats and scarves on our children – they might not want them but don’t they look adorable?

Let’s get the whole school community working together and get our kids to school safely and on time on those rainy and windy days. Ask other parents who drive their kids to school if they could maybe offer a seat, or if you drive, maybe you could offer one?

This month, we the PTA encouraging all our amazing parents to make “every school day count” in support of the national attendance campaign by TULSA. Help our children’s school to improve upon the poor punctuality levels and attendance. We would love for you to join us on this challenge and help us improve the number of kids present at school each day and ensure they are ready for their exciting classes on time.

Students who attend school regularly, improve their chances of being academically successful, having higher self-esteem and confidence. We are aiming for great futures for all of our kids. Please remember, you might think it’s just one day for your child, while for school it could be over 50 kids missing class in a day. We have the power to change that!

Thank you.



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