Saturday, March 2nd was the day of the taekwondo competition.

My parents and I got in the car and drove to summer camp because the competition took place there.

First thing, when we arrived we got out of the car and walked to the camp.

I put my outfit on and then I walked to my ring. It was ring 4.

I got ready and I warmed up after a few minutes. The first thing we did high kicking. All the people in ring 4 and I were in a line.

We all took a turn to jump and kick.

After, everyone was done we went back in a line.

The judges gave everyone medals.

Then I waited a few more minutes. It was time for the taekwondo moves.

We all lined up and two people at a time do their patterns.

Sadly I didn’t get a medal for that. After a few hours it was time for sparing which means to fight.

I got my sparing gear on and I got in my ring and started fighting.

A few minutes past and marvellously I got 2nd place. I got photos with my taekwondo 


Finally my parents and I got in the car and drove home.

My favourite part was doing sparing.

I recommend for people to try new sports, if you are lucky you can get medals!



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