powerstown_et_logoWe are delighted to see our school building nearing completion. It has been a very busy year. Our 16 classroom school, with 10 SEN rooms, 2 SNU classes, a parents room, a hall, servery, library and much more, will be handed over to our patron over the summer. We will begin to move into our new school during the week of 15th August 2016. We will be texting parents, looking for volunteers to assist with the unpacking! We will be all unpacked and prepared to receive the children for the first day of school on Monday August 29th 2016!

Thanks to our parents, pupils, staff and school community for supporting our growth from a one teacher school to what it is today.

We were so fortunate with the work of our Technical Advisor, Marc Cunningham from the Department of Education. He has worked so closely with us over the last year. He has allowed to have input in design of the building; to put in extra rooms and doors, he allowed us to make decisions in relations to colours, layouts, signage, furniture and fittings. We are absolutely thrilled with how our building is looking!

A big thank you to our building contractors ABM. They have worked really hard on an active school site, to ensure minimal dispruption to our staff and pupils. It has been amazing seeing each stage of the school build, from a green field to our fabulous new building. Richard Callaghan, project leader on the ground on a daily basis has been very accommodating and supportive of the school this year, as has the site foreman Keith.  

The hard work and dedication of our patron, Educate Together, must be commended at this time, especially our Regional Development Officer, Gerry McKeviitt. He has been working tirelessly with the school since June 2011 to ensure the school community of PETNS get a permanent, modern building in our community. 

Lastly, we would like to thank the Department of Education and Skills, for placing our school and the School Building’s List and making our permanent building a reality. 

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