Dear Parents/Guardians,

Everyone of us is acutely aware of the parking problems that we have been having.   This is far from an isolated case with our school, in fact some local schools have it far worse. But the PTA at PETNS is eager to be proactive in this matter and try to ease the situation as much as we can.

We hope you do too as it affects all of us, and we are all part of the school community and the PTA.  Everyone needs to get from A to B with the school drop off slap bang in the middle of it.  Let’s work together to help find a solution and reduce stress for everyone during the busy drop off & pick up times!

Therefore we will be sharing a Google Form this week seeking active parent volunteers that would be willing to assist the PTA members in getting out of their cars at drop off or pick up times for half an hour once a week in an attempt to better the situation for all of us.

So if you want to help us to proactively improve the current parking situation and don a high viz vest then please do not hesitate to complete the form that will be distributed to everyone next week, and let’s make pick up and drop off a bit more bearable and efficient for ALL!

Thank you!



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