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Below is our current Mission Statement, which was developed during our first school year; 2011/2012. As we have grown in population significantly since then, the Board of Management feel it is time to reveiw our Mission Statement. We are currently inviting suggestions and feedback from parents/guardians, pupils, staff, Board of Management and community in relation to this Mission Statement.

[gview file=”https://www.powerstownet.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Mission_Statement.pdf”]

Please email your feedback and suggestions to helena@powerstownet.com.


Please see review guidelines below

PETNS mission statement will

  1. Guide the development of PETNS’s priorities and highlight areas for future action
  2. Reflect the characteristic spirit of PETNS and will address

i.      Inclusivity and Equality. (refer to equal status act 2000)

ii.      The holistic development of the child ( Intro to PSC p11)

iii.      Positive school climate and atmosphere (SPHE Curr p11)

  1. Highlight the strengths of Powerstown Educate Together N.S.
  2. Influence practice as well as all policies and plans.


1(a) Reflection

Ask yourself the following questions as a guide.

  • Imagine the school in 3 years time
  • Describe what kind of place it is
  • What kind of atmosphere is there?
  • How are people (pupils, staff, parents, BOM, others) treated?
  • Describe quality of teaching and learning
  • Describe your pupils as they leave the school. What skills, knowledge and concepts do you expect them to have?
  • What makes you proud to be part of Powerstown ETNS?


1(b) Reviewing Mission Statement

  • Read back over our current mission statement. Does it express clearly how you would like the school to be.
  • Is there anything missing? anything that you think should be worded differently? etc


1(c) Sharing Powerstown ETNS’s updated mission statement

  • Discuss mission statement with other stakeholders (parents, BOM, chairperson etc)
  • Include suggestions as appropriate
  • Type out finished version
  • Display in a prominent position in the school







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