This week was a very exciting week at school when RTÉ came to visit our school garden! They came as a result of the projects we completed last year as part of the  National Pollinator Plan.

Through ChangeX, a non-profit organisation that facilitates community funding from the private sector, we were able to complete great work in our school garden to support pollinators. When Microsoft saw what their funding had achieved, they approached RTÉ with a view to telling our story and so they did!
John Kilraine from RTÉ arrived on Wednesday morning and filmed us in the classroom, in the geodome and on the hill. The children all loved the excitement of being on camera and waiting to see how the final product would turn out. When the feature aired online on Wednesday night and on the RTÉ Six One news last night, everyone loved seeing our school garden and we’ve had amazing comments from our school community and from people around the country about it! 

We are all very proud of Chris, Aliza and Evan for how well they spoke and of all the children in Discover Nature Club and the School Garden Committee for how well they represented our school. Check out the pictures below for some behind the scenes shots of the visit!

We are looking forward to hopefully securing this funding for a second year and we are excited to share with you our plans for it in our garden.

Wishing you a pleasant and restful spring break,




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