Healthy Habits of Mind for the MonthGiving Effort, Setting Goals .

Remember to use Behaviour Specific Feedback– eg. catch them when they are being organised, see orange card for prompts to help you! Healthy habits of the mind are an elements of organisation. So we will be constantly reinforcing the positive habits through referring to them .

Strand Strand Units YCDI- Whole School Activities Be Safe! Resources
Myself Self Identity

Making Decisions

Foundation- Organisation

(see you class YCDI manual for each lesson under Organisation to teach to your class)

  • Monday 1st October- Road Safety. New resource – RSA Quiz here- and  
  • 22nd to 26th is Fire Safety. (talking about Fire safety in the home ties in with a lot of teachers themes for Oct. )
  • Fire Prevention Week, is Sparky the Fire Dog’s favourite time of year.
  • Join Sparky the Fire Dog, and  learn all about smoke alarms and why it is so important to have them in every bedroom. On the special kids page, you’ll find activity sheets (like the ones below), videos, E-cards and more.
  • Or, you can download helpful safety tips sheets on smoke alarms, escape planning, safe battery storage and more.
  • World Mental Health Day October 10th – Snr end focus on ‘Growth Mindset’ and Junior end focus on the importance of feelings and talking. All integrated with YCDI strand of resilience & persistence.
  • 6th class- walk in my shoes resources are suitable for them with mindyourselfie campaign, can do in march with offfical day.
  • Organised” Class Dojo. please overuse this month to reinforce idea .
Be Safe! Road safety and Fire safety lessons are within this SPHE manual titled Be Safe in SPHE resources in resource room. Also lots on the Drive.

Seatbelt Sheriff is a programme aimed at primary school children in first class and is a fun way to get children engaged in the issue of road safety. See link for details

‘Hi Glo Silver’ encourages children to remind their parents that they should wear high-visibility jackets or belts when out walking. See link for details

  • YCDI puppets (Junior End)
  • YCDI Class posters
  • YCDI song- Oscar Organisation 
  • Prizes- dojo points and homework passes awarded for those wearing their helmets, wearing their seatbelt and learning lots about Road/Fire Safety
  • YCDI teacher’s Manual.
  • YCDI glance cards
  • Safe Cross code Song and Dance- on you tube as well
  • World Mental Health Day resources here
  • Fire Safety- see be safe manual or for younger classes website here



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