IMG_1797smallThe next school fun and fundraiser event is already scheduled!

The Summer Fair will take place on 3rd of June in the school and will offer a range of sales, treats and fun for the kids.

The event offers a perfect opportunity to make a good use of possessions you are no longer in love with, but it would be a pity to throw. Do you have cloths you bought, but never went out of the wardrobe, shoes that were never the perfect fit for you to wear or a dinnerware set that just goes terrible with the colour of your dining room and spent all the time unwrapped? Well, now they have the chance to be the star of the school event and to contribute to a cause we all care about.

Summer Fair is fundraising for new gym equipment to get PETNS’ permanent building into shape and make it a fully resourceful place for our children to experience various sport activities. To do this the fair will sell donated items and everyone is invited to make a donation. PTA will be there to collect donations from 9th of May till 20th of May. Make good use of the time to think of all those forgotten beauties at home that can make somebody else perfectly happy and free you up storage space.

Thing we are looking to collect are:


  • Clothes for big and small
  • Dishes, cups, jugs, saucers, trays etc.
  • Home accessories
  • Baby related products (high chairs, carrycots, baby blankets, swings, walkers etc.)
  • Toys
  • Books

Please make sure you donate either unused or in mint condition items. Avoid things that are visibly worn, have tears or cracks.

By donating you help the school be a better place for its students.

Thanks for your support

Thea – PTA




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