The Board of Management would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents/guardians for supporting our Covid Plan.

  • Thank you for teaching your child to wash and sanitise their hands.
  • Thank you for teaching your child coughing and sneezing etiquette.
  • Thank you for keeping your child at home when they are unwell.
  • Thank you for promptly collecting your child from school if they become unwell during the school day.
  • Thank you for contacting your GP when someone in your household needs medical advice.
  • Thank you for following HSE advice in relation to self isolating and restricting movements.
  • Thank you for keeping the school informed of illnesses.
  • Thank you for arriving to school promptly and encouraging your child to walk independently to their line
  • Thank you for getting your child to walk, cycle and scoot to school when possible.
  • Thank you for not gathering in groups on the school grounds.
  • Thank you for logging into Google Classroom, Reading Eggs and Mangahigh.
  • Thank you for supporting your child’s school work.
  • Thank you for acknowledging the work your child’s teacher does.
  • Thank you for supporting the teachers, assistants and staff implement our Covid Plan.

Thank you to our parents and guardians for doing their best to keep our school community safe. We appreciate all you do to support Powerstown ETNS





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