• What should parents do if they are a few minutes late with children in the morning? In the past parents would sign their children in at the office and it was quite crowded in there.

Please direct your child to enter the school via the FRONT DOOR. A staff member will let your child in and clock their arrival time on Aladdin.

Parents, if accompanying your child, please stop at canopy to allow for door to be safely opened and allow for 2m social distancing with others. 

  • Have you considered a Plan B in case of a new lockdown?

Yes, we will continue to use Google Classroom, Mangahigh and Reading Eggs. We have increased pupil access to chrome books and ipads to enable us to teach them how to access and use platforms more independently. If we are closed, we will be ready to transfer to distance learning immediately.

  • What should parents do who are not comfortable bringing the kids back to school?

Parents are strongly encouraged to permit their child to return to school. It is a very anxious time for society, however we have all the safety and control mechanisms in place. 

If your child is high risk, a support programme will be put in place for your child. (Please refer to pg 45 of Roadmap here).

The DES have not allocated any extra staff to the school to support your child’s learning at home, therefore home programmes WILL NOT be provided to parents who choose for their child to stay at home. If you chose to keep your child at home, you must apply to Education Welfare Office / TUSLA to home school your child and must complete a registration assessment process. For more information on home schooling click here.

  • My family has been out of the country recently. Who should we contact in relation to the 14-day isolation period and the date when our child will start school?

Please email covid19@powerstownet.com. We will ensure your child’s class teacher is aware of your child’s expected start date.

  • Is there a new threshold for absence days due to new circumstances?

No, TUSLA have not changed their criteria for referral. If you child misses 20 days of school, we must forward your details to the Education Welfare Officer.

  • Will Little Stars be collecting kids from the classes or will 3rd – 6th class go to after school by themselves?

Little Stars will continue to collect Junior Infant – 2nd class pupils as normal. Little Stars staff will agree with pupils/parents from 3rd – 6th class a “meeting point” for collection after school.

  • Will children return to school every day or alternative days?

All children will be in every day from Monday 31st of August. It is a normal school day for everyone (except Junior Infant pupils)



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