swimmingWe are all very excited to start swimming on Monday 24th February / Wednesday 26th February. 


Please make sure you have returned the money for your child’s swimming lessons. By paying for lessons, you permit your child to attend the NAC for swimming and to travel via bus to and from the NAC. 


Here is some information to help you and your child to prepare for his or her lesson next week:



Top tips!

  • Children should wear their swimming costumes under their clothes to school. It saves time on arrival at the pool.
  • Wear a warm coat and hat.
  • Please put your child’s name on all of his or her belongings with permanent marker
  • If possible, please blow up arm bands in advance
  • Please do not pack shampoo, conditioner or body lotions
  • Over the midterm break to support your child as much as possible give them the chance to practice dressing themselves each day so as to build their important independent self care skills

What to pack:

  • Swimming costume
  • Swimming hat
  • Flip-flops / swimming socks
  • Arm bands
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Towel
  • Bag for wet clothes

Staff at the pool

Adequate numbers of our staff are allocated to the pool for swimming days. There is no need for parents/guardians to attend the pool. Helena and James have met wtih staff at NAC to prepare for our visit, to ensure classes go as smoothly as possible. All staff have been updated on protocols for the pool.

Parents at the pool:

If you decide to attend the pool during your child’s swimming lesson, please remember the following important pieces of information:

  • Only garda vetted parents are permitted to attend. Class teachers have list of parents who have garda vetting in place.
  • You must adhere to directions of school staff at all times.
  • You must respect the boundaries in place by the NAC.
  • You must drive to the pool in your own car as there will not be space on the bus
  • You may help only your own child to get dressed in the changing room (if you are garda vetted)
  • You may sit and observe the lesson at the side of the pool. Adults are not permitted to walk along the sides of the pool during lessons
  • Phones and digital devices are not permitted at the pool / changing areas, as it will be assumed you are taking photographs. If a staff member sees you with a phone/digital device you will be asked to leave the pool area/changing rooms immediately and it will be reported to the Board of Management and Tusla. 

If anyone has any questions please ask in the office.  We hope everyone has lots of fun!




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